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The March of Progress Soldiers on

By: Jarred C. Robichaud |
January 28 2015 13:31

en el primer cuatrimestre de 2013 la empresa directv realizar√° un ...I was surprised to find when I went searching the other day. Surprised but pleasantly so. I learned that there was an option beyond Comcast available to me now so can you imagine what I did? That’s right. I called them, cancelled my Comcast service and instead ordered from Cox. It’s been a long time coming because let’s be frank, Comcast has to be one of the worst companies in the United States right now. They’re a lumbering prehistoric business model that has somehow limped its way into the modern world and stands as an ugly reminder of everything the new consumer loathes.

Their business practices are condemnable to say the least. They have done so very little to improve the quality of our lives when they could have done so much with their chance. As the FCC approaches their vote to re-schedule the Internet not as an information service but instead a telecommunications ervice we are going to see more competition reach into the markets. This is going to cause the cable companies who are also ISP services to lose their minds. They are going to lose their near monopoly like grip that they’ve enjoyed all these years.

Google is going to change it all. Hopefully the cable companies can re-model themselves into something more favorable. It would not be that far of a stretch to imagine a cable service which looks like YouTube and allows a user to subscribe to the content that they want and pay for it like that. Tailoring our content to our wants is going to be a fundamental aspect of businesses in the future no matter how much Time Warner or Comcast fight against it. You cannot fight the march of progress and if you do, you end up like Blockbuster did.

What Happened to Our Chocies

By: Jarred C. Robichaud |
October 16 2014 12:30

When I was given the choice to choose Direct TV in Chicago, I was more than happy to do so. As a former customer of Time Warner, I can tell you first hand that they are no doubt one of the worst cable providers in the country. Really, they do nothing but offer a hardware platform that you have to pay an exorbitant monthly cost in order to watch some basic content with premium content on the side. They don’t produce anything; you’re basically renting a box and a signal to be entertained by content they had no hand in creating.

You know what? I want to pay the creators directly. Comcast can make money from advertising if they need the cash but they shouldn’t be charging customers this amount of money just to have access to the content. I should be able to pay HBO directly if I want to watch their content instead of depending on some kind of middle man who is going to be charging me an arm and a leg. At least with DirecTV I’m getting a better cost out of the deal, as they don’t have nowhere near the charges that Time Warner and the others have.

I hate being tacked on with random fees and taxes. Time Warner and Comcast both are so incredibly guilty of this that it becomes obscene when they are your only choice as a service provider. There needs to be better options out there for consumers who don’t want to have to depend on a company that has such a terrible reputation in regards to their customer service. The FCC ought to be stepping in by now and giving Americans a better option instead of this nonsense that we’re forced to deal with nearly every single day that we’re subscribed to them.

Started to Plan the Home Theater System

By: Jarred C. Robichaud |
October 15 2014 12:30

Right now I am just doing the sketches and thinking about the budget. Obviously if you were some Hollywood mogul you could spend as much on a home theater system as a real movie theater would cost, but like most people I have to live within my means. I already have directv. I got it before I moved here, pretty much since the first time when I had my own place and the landlord was not going to say any thing about me putting an antenna for the satellite signal on the roof. In this case the dish is under this fake rock out beside the well house. That was the only place where I could really get a clear view of the piece of the sky where I needed to point the thing. There are a lot of trees in this area and aside from the fact that they would cost a fortune to remove them, they are mostly in the neighbor’s yard.

At any rate I got a great deal on this house and it has a totally unfinished basement in it. You could roller skate down there now. On one side there is a big two car garage and I am obviously going to build a work shop over there. On the other side of the stairs there is plenty of room to build a big home theater room. I am going to put the TV up against the back wall, because there are two sliding glass doors that let in a lot of light. You would be able to fix up a set of drapes obviously, but it is not going to look right, but so long as the tv is not right there you will be fine. I am guessing that a projector would be the best solution.

Know what ? – The Best Advice You Can Get

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 27 2014 4:45

If you want to run many programs at once, you’ll need at least 4GB of RAM. If you just want to do simple tasks, less than 4GB will be okay. Want to play video games? Look for 10GB and above to ensure your games aren’t lagged and hard to play.Which processor you need depends on what you want to do with your computer. If you aren’t sure, then you are likely better off with something Examine More And More

Need Auto Repair Information? This Is For You

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 27 2014 2:48

Wash your car regularly to prevent rust from becoming a problem. Although all cars rust at some point in time, it is possible to delay this from occurring by washing off salt and chemicals immediately. Protect your paint with regular waxing. When getting auto repairs, ask the mechanic to return the old parts. This will allow you to know whether or not they really repaired what they Examine More And More

Improve The Exterior Of Your Home With These Handy

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 27 2014 0:46

In landscaping, curves can be beautiful. A curved flowering border should be considered when designing your landscaping project. Such shapes not only add instant eye appeal, they also increase the perceived value of a home. This border could involve a bit more effort, but the payoff over a straight border could be well worth the trouble. Edging can be great for a yard generally, Examine More And More

Ten Systems –

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 22:47

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Hardly anything fantastic – Excellent Artic

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 20:41

Make certain you select the MLM that is the best fit for you. Not every MLM company is offering what’s right for you. Do you truly believe in what the company is selling? This will help you enjoy what you are doing.Work on obtaining your long-term multi-level marketing results daily. Keep your goals and overall focus narrow instead of broad in this field. A business plan can last Examine More And More

Exactly what I see –

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 18:46

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Practically nothing good –

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 16:45

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By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 14:43

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Solid Advice About How To Make Money Online That W

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 12:41

There are many opportunities for online tutors in subjects ranging from mathematics to language. Possible students are many and varied. You might teach your native language to people living in other countries via VoIP. Another possibility is to tutor schoolchildren, high schoolers or college students in a subject in which you specialize. You can work with an online tutoring agency Examine More And More

Hmm ? ? – The Techniques That Will Take Yo

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 10:40

If you wear sunglasses, make sure that the lenses and the frames are cleaned every single week. Even though you can’t see it, bacteria will build up on your sunglasses and contribute to acne formation. Clean your sunglasses often if you want to achieve bright, radiant skin around the eyes. Don’t create an acne cream cocktail. Sometimes people are so desperate to get rid of their Examine More And More

We may want to know – Getting Into Solar E

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 8:38

A good solar heating system will cost you between four and six thousand dollars. You can get that money back fairly quickly in the power that you generate, and from then on out, everything else is profit. Panels can also be added in small batches. Solar power has so many great rewards. With this knowledge, you can make more informed decisions regarding the use of this technology. Examine More And More

Oral Care Ideas That Let You Smile

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 6:37

As you can see at this point, you really can have a great smile. You should not feel embarrassed about your smile. When you know your teeth are clean and bright, you feel like smiling. Utilize the excellent tips you’ve just read, and start smiling more. You’ll discover that smiling can open up many doors in your life.Are you seeking a more affordable dentist? If so, make sure you Examine More And More

The New Gold Rush: What You Should Know

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 4:38

How heavy your gold is will determine how much money you get for each piece. However, some dealers are not very reputable and may try to pay you less than you are owed. Watch out for anyone who weighs your gold by the pennyweight but tries to pay you for grams instead. When you are investing in gold bullions or coins, stay away from high premiums. A premium of ten percent is usually Examine More And More

See this – Advice On Looking Great At All

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 2:36

Never buy a dress, skirt, shoes or blouse just because the sale price is too good to pass up. No matter how much of a steal it is money wise, if it looks bad on you, don’t buy it. You will waste your money because you will never wear it. If you want to look good fashion-wise, you need to begin with a solid foundation. Choose a quality bra that provides support and matches your style. Examine More And More


By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 26 2014 0:35

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Precisely what I genuinely feel – Improve

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 25 2014 22:33

Keep a proper stance. Here is one way to test whether or not you are standing in the proper position: Without moving either foot, attempt to tap all of your does repeatedly. Your toes should move like this with some effort. If you are angled too far forward, this will be tough. If you can do it very easily, you need to lean forward a bit more.One good suggestion where golf is concerned Examine More And More

Absolute best Four Guides – You Can Becom

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 25 2014 17:52

Sign up to become a mystery shopper. This is a great way to make money as you will have to shop at various places and take notes on your shopping experience. When you are finished, you will have to write up a report on the computer, which you will be compensated for.As stated in the above article, making money online is simple and convenient when there is a great plan to follow. Examine More And More

The things I learn – Making The Most Of Yo

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 25 2014 15:51

Inexpensive products are not always the best when buying materials. Sometimes, you will find that paying a bit more saves you money in the long run. Know the pros and cons of each product before you buy, based on price. Just saving a little of money can add up over time. Study the different techniques in landscape design. Anchor plants can help you provide focal points to pull your Examine More And More

Last Modifications – Get The Best Bang For

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 25 2014 13:51

You need to buy furniture that will go well with the rest of your home. For example, if you have an updated house, it is not very wise to antique furniture and vice versa. Unless you want your home to look tacky, it is important to take this into account. If you are planning on buying some large furniture items, make sure you pick items that fit your family and lifestyle. A beautiful Examine More And More

6 Styles – How To Buy Video Games For You

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 25 2014 11:50

Subtitles are available in most games in the audio menu. Are you havin trouble hearing the dialogue over all of the action and music? Search for the subtitle function. Almost all video games have audio options. Here, you can find the option to either enable or disable subtitles. Because some games can be frustrating, it’s a good idea to take a break when it stops being fun. A break Examine More And More

Check this out – Photography As A Hobby o

By: Kevin C. Martinez |
August 25 2014 9:49

A good photography tip that can help you is to try taking a lot of different pictures of the same subject. This is a great way to help you become more creative. You’ll be forced to try everything you can to get an interesting, yet unique shot every time. It is true that you should have a clear shot of the subject in a photo. That said, there is much more to a good photo than just Examine More And More